On-Time Delivery

To date, ADTC Mould has realized the importance of optimizing management, which has improved the quality of the molds, reduced the delivery time and, in turn, increased the market competitiveness. These optimizations are:

A. Plastic mold design management system

The ADTC team put more effort into mold design analysis and the quality control of the mold was more stringent. We do everything we can to avoid any errors or shortcomings in the mold design. Foresee problems in advance and solve problems. 

B. Capital injection processing equipment and quality control equipment

We invested over US$10 million dollars in building the factories. Our mold factory currently employs 1000 skilled and experienced staff members to work in engineering, production, inspection and QC units. 

C. Update the plastic mold processing program

ADTC does not allow the use of any manually machined mold plates, all of which are machined with precision equipment. The new machining process determines the accuracy of the mold, for example: from roughing to finishing, we use half of the finishing. By doing so, we have reduced the degree of damage to the mold parts during processing. Another example is the machining of screw holes, which are processed by CNC milling or with special drilling equipment. Many new tools and fixtures increase the precision and efficiency of machining.

D. Plastic mold processing size monitoring

Before the mold is processed, we will check the size according to the size; after finishing, before the mold assembly, we will again perform the final size inspection according to the mold 2D design.

E. Plastic mold assembly quality control

We carry out strict quality control of the assembly of the mold.

F. Preparation conditions for the first test of the mold

The quality inspection department inspects the mold according to the "first test standard".

G. Plastic mold mass production simulation test

Before all the molds are shipped, mold simulation will be arranged. For example, some molds will continue to produce for 24 hours or some large molds will be scheduled for more than 4 hours. We recommend that customers conduct large-scale trial production to ensure that the mold can be produced normally after it reaches the customer company.

 As a modern plastic mold manufacturing company, ADTC has a unique management system, its team maintains a high quality concept, the company holds the technology patents and the work and life culture of the employees, the company is not only a home, but also a school, a army.When the product passed the strict quality testing , we will pack it and deliver it in the shortest time.